The Best Introduction to NLP Book since the 90’s!

International NLP Trainers Laureli Blyth & Dr. Heidi Heron have a true and remarkable gift! They are able to bring their conversational NLP training style, humor, hands-on knowledge and decades of NLP training experience to print!

30 Days to NLP is a reader friendly introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming. This book takes you on a thirty-day exploration into the inner workings of the mind and begins your journey of learning NLP. It sheds a remarkable light on the patterns of thought, emotion and behaviors of yourself and others. Each day unfolds a new facet of NLP with explanations, examples and exercises that develop both your conscious and unconscious skills of NLP.

Based on the NLP Certification trainings with the Worldwide Institues of NLP conducted by International NLP Trainers Laureli Blyth and Dr. Heidi Heron, this book is conversational, easy to comprehend and accessible to anyone who has a desire to develop themselves and their knowledge of NLP.

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NLP Training with the Worldwide Institutes of NLP

The Worldwide Institutes with Principal trainers Laureli & Heidi conduct Certified NLP Training in The USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK. Full-cycle NLP training is offered including NLP Practitioner Certification, NLP Master Practitioner Certification and NLP Trainer Certification.

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Table of Contents
Day 1 – Introduction to NLP
Day 15 – Eye Accessing Cues

Introducing Laureli & Heidi

Highly respected international NLP Trainers are the principle trainers with the Worldwide Institutes of NLP. Their style of teaching has often been described as conversational while fortifying a relaxing, authentic and inspirational learning environment. While some trainers only have a conceptual knowledge of NLP, Laureli and Heidi bring a wealth of practical experience to their training as they continue to further develop NLP, write books, publish articles and coach individuals in their private practice.
Laureli has over twenty years of experience within NLP and founded the Australasian Institutes of NLP in 1994 in Sydney, Australia. She inspires and assists others to use their minds, get their voice and have the life they desire. Laureli has a vast knowledge of the psyche and assists her students and clients to integrate their mind, body and spirit. Her wholeness approach and extent of her knowledge is displayed in her range of books that are available throughout the world: Neuro Intelligence, Brain Power, Dream Power & 30 Days to NLP. In addition to training NLP, Laureli runs her private NLP Therapy and Coaching Practice in Sydney – visit for more information.

Heidi has been involved in the technology for most of her life, moving into it professionally in 2000. She has obtained her Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Southern California. Heidi has a background in Corporate Human Resources Management and Personal Development. She has studied NLP with some of the top leaders in NLPand continues to up-skill herself personally and professionally. Heidi has beenworking in the field of Human Development since 1992. Currently, Heidi holds the role of Chairperson for the ABNLP. When she’s not training, Heidi is working with clients in her Coaching Practice in Sydney. Visit for more information and follow Heidi’s blog –

What others are saying about 30 Days to NLP

  • NLP in 30 days!? Now who would have thought of doing it that way except somone touched by the creativity of NLP? I’m delighted to see teh highly engaging text that Heidi and Laureli have created. If you respond to this opportunity, they will take you on a journey of self-discovery. And in that exporation you will learn how to access your innate powers for taking charge of your life – your mind, your emotions, your relationships, your future, your legacy. Now anything powerful can be powerfully mis-used and many do. But not these two ladies of excellence. Knowing that personally, they speak and write out of integrity and self-application. Buy this, read this, change your life!
    Ph.D., Psychologist and Author of Self Actualisation
    Psychology & Coaching Conversations
  • I found this book to be a useful source of NLP informaiton with practical applications. It flows giving a sense of the development of the field from a conceptual and technological perspective. Best of all, it was easy to read and absorb and will change peoples lives and support the release of their human potiential
    NLP Trainer, Co-Developer and Co-Author of Turtles All the Way Down
    Leaves Before the Wind & The Encyclopedia of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Laureli and Heidi have written a great introduction to NLP. Their knowledge of the subject is imporessive, and they share it in a clear, practical and integrated fashion. I highly recommend it!
    Psychologist and Author of The Hero’s Journey& The Courage to Love
  • 30 Days to NLP is a clear, engaging, well-written overview of NLP. If you do the exercises, you will get the results you want. If you ever wanted to know what NLP is all about, this book is a great way to find out.
    Author of Words that Change Me & The Customer is Bothering Me
  • I like 30 Days to NLP – its conversational style, logical building up of basic ideas and practical exercises makes it a pleasure to read. Laureli and Heidi have congruently blended their values, beliefs and approach to training based on many years of experience in the field. If you are new to NLP this valuable resource will help guide you on your path of development.
    Co-Author of Metaphor in Mind: Transformtion through Symbolic Modelling